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Easter is almost here, and one of our mini units just happens to be on eggs.

Of course, we tie eggs into zoo since our zoo trip is rapidly approaching, and one book I use to link wild animals to eggs is Seven Eggs. It also just happens to bring in the days of the week as we hit the math unit on calendar.

How can you go wrong?

Seven Eggs is by Meredith Hooper, with illustrations by Terry McKenna. It’s got a simple, repetitious text, and children learn the pattern and chime in quickly. In the tale, a new animal hatches each day, and introduces the concept that chickens aren’t the only animals to emerge from eggs.

Nope. We also have a penguin, a crocodile, an ostrich, a frilled lizard, a turtle, and a barn owl. Each is realistically drawn in a soft pastel color scheme.

What about the seventh day? Well, that’s a surprise, and nicely linked to the eggs we find sprinkled about our lawns and house on Easter.

My class this year oohed when I showed them the first page–the book design is reminiscent of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This year’s class also argued that they should be the recipients of the surprise at the end, not me, the reader. I’m sure I’ll be getting a request to hear it again tomorrow.

This story is one I am very pleased to have in my library–I was lucky to find it some years ago. However, when I searched online for links to copies for this review, I was dismayed to find the prices for this particular book ranged to the spectacularly high, and certainly out of the reach of my wallet if I needed a copy. If you’re interested in a copy, your best bet might be eBay or happenstance at a garage sale.

Acquiring the book is well worth your while, especially if you’re interested in widening your library and tying math concepts and science to a holiday.


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