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Several of my favorite reads on a regular basis are the pop-out bug books by David A. Carter.

Halloween Bugs is no exception. Like all the other books of his I own, my classes adore his pop-outs. There’s always something a little surprising in his illustrations, along with a good side of humor. Halloween Bugs adds amusement for the adult readers, too. When was the last time you ran into a one-horned, one-eyed spotted people eater bug? (Okay, so it brought back memories of my childhood. Your mileage may vary.)

This year, my class not only clapped, they demanded another re-read. Although the bugs you discover behind every door brought crows of delight, I think their enthusiasm was generated by the final page. As with his other books, David Carter saves the best for last: a graveyard populated with spooky bugs!

I would love this book in a larger size. But even though the images are small, they’re bright and eye-catching.

The bug books are well under $10 a book and well worth the money. A little care will keep those pop-outs popping out from their spooky hiding places for years. I can guarantee that your child or class will be delighted with the time spent reading it aloud.

Don’t be surprised by demands to re-read it on the spot. Or, for that matter, demands to hear all his other bug books!


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